Source: The Buckminster Fuller Institute

Trimtabs Unite! reGeneration Rising!

Scale-linking & Salutogenic Design for Planetary Regeneration

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Become Crew of Spaceship Earth

Come join your fellow terrestrial astronauts, aspiring comprehensivists, systems integrators, experimental philosophers, synesthetic synthesizers, planetary physicians, and cartographers of complexity to expand our collective imagination.

We’ll explore systems thinking, rapid prototyping, traditional ecological knowledge, biomimicry and other frameworks to offer you new cognitive scaffolding upon which to design the future.

What’s a trimtab?

A trimtab is a point in a system where the minimum effort causes the maximum effect. You can think of it like an acupressure point. Trimtab projects and people not only solve multiple challenges at once with systems-solutions, they also dis-solve the underlying circumstances that lead to those challenges.

Trimtab Space Camp will train you to become a trimtab, using a present-day version of Fuller’s Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science.

Comprehensive: Start with the whole. Take a whole-systems perspective to explore connections within an integrated, complex world. HOW BIG CAN YOU THINK?

Anticipatory: Think ahead. Identify, research, and interpret significant trends to gain a deeper understanding of possible futures. HOW MANY POSSIBLE FUTURES CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Design: Create intentionally. Seek and apply the elegant patterns and principles guiding the evolutionary strategies of nature. HOW DOES NATURE CREATE?

Science: Discover through experience. Generate hypotheses, iterate experiments, and rigorously verify through empirical observations. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW?”

— Buckminster Fuller Insitute

Daniel Wahl on Scale-linking and Salutogenic Design as important aspects of regenerative practice



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Daniel Christian Wahl

Catalysing transformative innovation, cultural co-creation, whole systems design, and bioregional regeneration. Author of Designing Regenerative Cultures