Thank you Jean, Thomas Berry’s work has hugely influenced me but I never had the privilege of meeting him in person, only various of the people who worked with him. The question you ask is an important one and to answer it well would mean study and reflection that I can’t do right now … so my inadequate response is that in my work with biomimicry, the geometry of biological form, the geometrical work of Buckminster Fuller, there is a lot of insight when applying geometry to the outer (biophysical and material) world that we can work with … Leonardo Da Vinci and Plato explored similar paths …. AND there is also the inner geometry of abilities to hold the polarity between activating and restraining forces (dualistic — either/or or win/loose zero sum perspectives) and invite others into exploring and co-creating from the potential generated between them … moving from a two-force to a three-force world (as my friend and mentore Ben Haggard just framed it in a conversation 10 minutes ago) … there is huge potential in moving from the diad to the triad … I don’t know if this helps and apologise that I am currently engaged in too much to go deeper … but thanks for the trigger, the question will work in me and have effect …

Catalysing transformative innovation, cultural co-creation, whole systems design, and bioregional regeneration. Author of Designing Regenerative Cultures

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