Should we not ask: What are regenerative cultures and what do they have in common?

Thanks for this piece Jamaica, the question you ask is dear to my heart and I have been exploring it for some time.

There is something about using the singular rather than the plural that is misleading in your question — in my humble opinion — as there will never be one global regenerative culture but a huge diversity of regenerative cultures expressing the biocultural uniqueness of the places they inhabit and manifesting the potential that is born out of that uniqueness.

As we aim to de-colonialize our mind we need to revalue that the diversity of human culture and bioregions of Earth is part of the health and vitality we are aiming to regenerate. I was excited to see Extinction Rebellion make ‘We need a regenerative culture’ one of their principles and the tag line they chose shows they took their inspiration from my book ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures’ (see first excerpt from the book below), and I was disappointed that they turned the plural into a singular.

Your exploration of regenerative culture goes much wider and deeper than the current discourse in Extinction Rebellion — who have reduced it to just the taking care of each other and avoiding burn-out as activists, when it is so much more!

Here are some explorations on the them you might enjoy:

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