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Leading in service to life’s regenerative nature

A conversation between Giles Hutchins and Daniel Wahl

On January 15th, 2021 Giles Hutchins and I had a very wide ranging conversation about our shared passion for reconnecting people with nature, themselves and each other so that they can take leadership through leading a life in service to a larger whole.

Giles shared in a beautifully open way about how certain childhood experience of unity consciousness within the natural world served as pointers to set him on a journey. We talked about his experience of later working within KPMG and Atos Consulting for whom he lead the global sustainability team.

Giles started to reweave his love for nature back into his working focus around 2005. In 2009 he started to work with Andy Middleton and others to set up ‘Biomimicry for Creative Innovation’ . In 2012 Giles published ‘The Nature of Business’ while still working for Atos also working with Denise DeLuca.

His second book,’The Illusion of Separation’ picked up on his early childhood insights in nature. He worked with Embercomb, trained in The Way of Council with Pippa Bondy, and went on vision quest with John P. Milton (who also held ceremony for people like Peter Senge, Brian Arthur, Joe Jaworski, and Otto Scharmer.

Giles and I spend quite some time sharing our personal experience with these two important transformational practices and the power of nature based work and circle practice to awarenesses people to their true calling to service.

We explore how Giles works with people in leadership positions in nature and has recently taken on custodianship for a woodland near London where he is now offering this work within easy reach of the city.

Then we circle back to the power of solo time in nature and different ways and levels of intensity to facilitate such experience and hold such ceremony. I ask Giles to share his experience of going on a quest in Crestone, Colorado with John P. Milton and he beautiful shares in detail experiences and insights he gained during that time.

We also speak about Giles third book ‘Future Fit’ and the ‘Future Fit Leadership Academy’ and then move on to how Giles and Laura Storm met and quickly started working together only to find themselves compelled to write ‘Regenerative Leadership’ together which was published in 2019.

Giles also shares the story of how he felt drawn to take on the custodianship of his woodland and we reflect on the importance of grounding in and ‘reinhabiting’ the land as a way of deepening our practice both personally and in the work with leaders and others.

… I loved this conversation with another brother on the path.

Here is the recording:

More about Giles:

Giles and Laura’s book:

Giles on ‘(R)evolution: From Separateness to Conectedness’

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