Hi Ben, can’t respond right now in the detail I would like to. In short, the word weaving found itself into the ‘Framework for Change’ draft document that served to start a conversation in Lyon about innovation in education — innovation of the transformative kind. I have lived and worked in and ecovillage for years and the use of the term and activity of weaving in various facetes and depth of meaning has been part of that culture.

In Gaia Education we call the person trying to integrate the content of the 4 dimensions of the curriculum into an interconnected whole systems understanding the weaver. It is usually a role on each EDE course run by one of Gaia Education’s 80 partners around the world.

Yes I know Elisabet. We are both Findhorn Fellows and used to live on the same island, Mallorca. We coinitiated the process that led to the New Story Summit at the Findhorn Foundation in 2014. Surely people were talking about weaving then. I hope you did not sense some form of ownership claim of that word in my writing?

I just noticed that leading and committed educators and social entrepreneurs from around the world started to use the term, and — a bit like you — got moved to think: Hey I might have some useful reflections on what it means to be a weaver, how to weave, and why it might be an important activity for systemic healing.

I know there a thousands maybe millions of us out there. I might even say that with a full understanding of our participatory co-creative nature as relational beings, we all are capable of being good weavers. It does take commitment, as you probably know.

The Ojai Foundation, The School of Lost Borders, Gigi Coyle … all elders and deep influences! … all through my work you will see credit given to those who are credit due for having gifted us ways of seeing and understanding.

So I hope this makes you understand I do not use the term lightly, nor do I claim it. I am simply inviting a conversation to deepen that has already started. I am actually working on three more little reflection pieces around this. Thank you for your questions, I hope this helps for now. Life is full right now and I am only recovering for 6 days of nasty flu. Blessings be!

Catalysing transformative innovation, cultural co-creation, whole systems design, and bioregional regeneration. Author of Designing Regenerative Cultures

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