Gigi Coyle reviews Designing Regenerative Cultures

Daniel Christian Wahl
2 min readAug 17, 2017


Virginia (Gigi) Coyle, co-author of The Way of Council and The Box: Remembering the Gift ; co-creator of the Ojai Foundation, the School of Lost Borders and Beyond Boundaries. … and one of the most important mentors and wise friends I have.

“Living in a text-message culture, Designing Regenerative Cultures is another kind of text message, an essential textbook for our times, filled with resources, references, practices, methods and pathways, and best of all questions we can each live into, alone and together.

Our world has benefitted from the contributions of many authors and visionaries, grassroots activists and social entrepreneurs, modern scientists and wise indigenous elders…. ancient and modern intelligence and creativity. And yet, the single-hero journey of brilliant ones can only carry us so far. Today there is a a deep need and longing for a local and global community of care on all levels in all disciplines. Daniel Wahl takes us there in this comprehensive ‘manifesto’, offering a wholistic picture of a way and a world we can be for, in lieu of the one that seems so headed for destruction.

In Designing Regenerative Cultures, Daniel weaves an ‘old/new’ story helping and I suspect activating, readers to see, respect, learn from and go beyond, as he so clearly has, the great hearts and minds he references throughout.

The book contributes to this awakening field as we find ourselves looking through a kaleidoscope of perspectives and teachings — different lenses moving in a spiral together through which to both view and live in our world. It can serve as a foundation for another ‘great turn’, a directory for next steps worth taking.

Many will find inspiration and support to live the way we know we must, to live in the way we know we can if our species is not only to survive, but actually thrive in partnership with all of life.”

— Virginia (Gigi) Coyle

… Thank you Gigi!

Designing Regenerative Cultures was published by Triarchy Press in May 2016 and has reached international acclaim over the last year. It is available through the publisher throughgout Europe and through the International Specialized Book Service throughout the USA and Canada. You can also get it through Amazon in most countries. An e-pub version can be downloaded through the publisher and the kindle version is available on Amazon. Don’t forget that you can always ask your local library to stock it or any good bookshop to order it for you.



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